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Serra by Birreria

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

The other week I decided to take off from work during a week day. Sometimes, mental health days are necessary! When the weather is nice, and you have the opportunity, why not? So I grabbed my best friend, she gets off of work at 1pm, and we headed to the city. Girls’ day! Days with your best friend are needed, no matter how old you get. She and I have so much fun together whether we are going out or lying on the couch.

My best friends are the sisters I picked out myself.

Anyway, we headed to the city and decided to try the pop restaurant on the rooftop of Eataly NYC Flatiron. It’s called Serra by Birreria. It’s so beautiful up there! I would suggest going with your girls, or on a date. They have a light food menu, an expert cocktail list, and a lemonade stand where you can pick your lemons, and add herbs or liquors.

For drinks we ordered the frose popsicle, it’s delicious and perfect for a hot summer day. For food, we ordered a bunch of things to pick on. We got the Pane Otto, which is housemade bread that they serve warm with whipped lardo, creamy butter, and olive oil. We also ordered some cheeses – we picked the bufarolo, pecorino gigante, and asiago fresco. And last but not least we ordered the lamb and beef skewers. The bread and cheeses were delicious, they were perfect comfort food. I wasn’t a fan of the skewers, there’s barely any flavor in them. Unfortunately, the service was not great either. We asked for suggestions and our waiter seemed lost. It is possible that there are better things on the menu, but we weren’t pointed in that direction so unfortunately I would not know.

Sparkle rating: 7.5 out 10 – I really loved the place, the drinks, and the cheeses, but the skewers and the service threw me off.

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