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30 Days Without Alcohol

Ever since I started this blog, I gained a few pounds. I’m not mad though, I believe that we are all human and sometimes it’s okay to indulge.  I had a great summer filled with yummy food, drinks, and wonderful company. I had also maintained my workouts, lifting weights about 3 times a week.  But, after Labor Day I made a decision to challenge myself to be healthier.

I chose to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days to see what effect it would have on my body.  When I started this, I truly believed it would make a huge difference in reference to weight loss. Those calories can really add up, my drinks of choice are red wine and sweet cocktails. During these 30 days, I also ate healthier, drank a lot of water, and added cardio to my weekly routine. 

I know you must be wondering what my results are... I lost five pounds from the whole combination of being overall healthier.  I was more conscious of being hydrated, and I drank water more throughout the day.  Because of this, I felt that my skin looked better.  Overall, it was such a positive experience although I really missed my cabernet sauvignon! It has also inspired me to do more 30 day challenges to accomplish more small goals.

If anyone wants to try this, I have a few tips.  It’s always easier when you have people in your life doing the same thing. My boyfriend was my biggest supporter.  Since I missed my red wine the most, he chose not to drink it the whole time also.  And if we ever went to a restaurant and I wanted to try a cocktail, I made him try it instead.  Somehow that helped me.  If you have an event or party to go to, you can order a virgin cocktail.  I chose to order virgin mojitos or flavored lemonades when I was in the mood.

I think this is the perfect time to reset.  It's the fall, the holidays are approaching, and you might as well lose a few pounds before all of the holiday parties begin.  Good luck to everyone making the effort to be healthier.  Remember it's always important to be kind to yourself.  Sometimes we indulge and sometimes we are more focused.  If we lose track, we can always get right back on.  If anything seems too difficult, start with small changes first.  Have a happy and healthy journey!  

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